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[182], In March 2017, the Washington Real Estate Investment Trust (WashREIT) purchased the building from Bradley for $135 million. [164], Euro Capital received the construction permits for its now $100 million renovation in May 2014. During the investigation, Nixon famously said on TV that, "I'm not a crook", a remark still parodied in comedy today. [7][168] The DNC had occupied the space since the building opened in 1967. Meanwhile, the conspirators destroyed evidence, including their burglary equipment and a stash of $100 bills. [2] The tenants took title to their building on April 8, 1966. [153] Although a second protest was expected the following day, it never emerged and police spent the day drinking coffee and eating cookies and pastries baked at the Watergate East's pastry shop. [178] Hitt Contracting designed the renovations, and oversaw the construction. [150] More than 145 protesters were arrested. [3], In 1972, the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) occupied the entire sixth floor of the 11-story building at 2600 Virginia Avenue. [179], Penzance sold the office building to a subsidiary of Rockwood Capital for $75 million at the end of 2016. Some residents even felt the construction of the units was substandard. For more than a century, the land now occupied by the Watergate complex belonged to the Gas Works of the Washington Gas Light Company, which produced "manufactured gas" (a mixture of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, and other flammable and nonflammable gases) for heating, cooking, and lighting throughout the city. [27][28] Up to 12,000 people would sit on the steps and surrounding grass to listen to symphonies, military bands, and operas. [54] At each stage, three separate planning bodies were required to give their approval: The National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC), the District of Columbia Zoning Commission (DCZC), and the United States Commission of Fine Arts (USCFA) (which had approval authority over any buildings built on the Potomac River to ensure that they fit aesthetically with their surroundings). The nearest Metro station, 0.4 miles (650 m) away, is Foggy Bottom-GWU. Watergate als Inbegriff übler Machenschaften ... ohne dass sich irgend ein Land bereit erklärt, sich überhaupt darüber Gedanken zu machen. "[4], The total cost of the project was $78 million. Watergate Office Building (2600 Virginia Ave NW), the office building where the, This page was last edited on 14 August 2020, at 23:01. Watergate Office Building (2600 Virginia Ave NW), the office building where the Watergate burglaryhappened. Paulo Vinícius Coelho wurde am 24. [11][113][168][169][b] During a second burglary on June 17, 1972, to replace a malfunctioning phone tap and collect more information, five of the burglars were arrested and the Watergate scandal began to unfold. [3], Little redevelopment of the site has occurred in the 40 years since the Watergate was first built. [157][158] The bank began marketing the property for sale, and Monument Realty submitted a bid in October 2009 to buy the hotel back. According to Rodota, the earliest use of the name Watergate in the surviving files of Societa Generale Immobiliare is a June 8, 1961 memorandum authored by Giuseppe Cecchi, summarizing an early meeting with officials of the future John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts about the proposed project.[24]. [41] The combined hotel/office building included a health club, space on the ground floor for shops, and a restaurant, the Roman Terrace, on the top floor. [56][57] Additionally, many civic leaders, architects, business people, and city planners opposed the project before the DCZC because they feared it was too tall and too large. [77] Another lawsuit, filed in February 1970, sought exclusive access to the underground parking garage the cooperative claimed as its own, and demanded that the developer stop selling spaces in the residents' parking area. "Watergate Residents Happy". [86] The general counsel for the Kennedy Center told the USCFA that the Watergate Town (the development had dropped the "e") was planning a 170-foot (52 m) building that would harm the aesthetics of the Kennedy Center and intrude on its park-like surroundings. Architect Bahram Kamali of BBGM said the renovation will completely replace the electrical, HVAC, mechanical, and plumbing (fresh water and sewage) systems. [4][58][65][66][67][68] The final plan broke one building into two, creating five rather than four construction projects. [18], During the 1950s, the World Bank considered building its international headquarters here and on the adjacent site (which now houses the Kennedy Center), but rejected the site for unspecified reasons. Trizec did not pay the hotel's property taxes for 2008 (which amounted to $250,000), and estimated that it would take $100 million to make the hotel habitable due to the stalled 2007 renovation. Die Offenlegung dieser Missbräuche verstärkte in den USA massiv eine durch den Vietnamkrieg ausgelöste gesellschaftliche Vertrauenskrise gegenüber den Politikern in … The complex still includes three luxury apartment buildings, the hotel/office building, and two office buildings. The approval process for the Watergate complex had five stages. [149] The Washington Post published reports in October 1968 that SGI refused to fix the leaks unless residents dropped their opposition to the construction of the complex's fifth building. [157][158] But many residents in other parts of the complex (some of whom owned the 25 percent of the hotel not sold to Blackstone)[112] argued that a hotel would better enhance the livability of the area and challenged the conversion in court. The barge concerts ended in 1965 when jet airliner service began at National Airport and the noise impaired the venue's viability. Among the improvements it wished to make were the addition of six outdoor "summer gardens" where liquor may be served. [86], The disagreement continued for nearly two years,[87] delaying the planned fall 1967 start to construction. Please select which sections you would like to print: Corrections? [22] Land once owned by the canal company was part of the 10-acre (4.0 ha) site purchased in 1960 by the project's developer, Rome-based Società Generale Immobiliare (SGI). [77] SGI filed a $4 million counterclaim alleging "malicious embarrassment" and five years later paid residents $600,000 to settle the cases. Aufgewachsen ist er mit seiner älteren Schwester Sonia als Sohn einer gutbürgerlichen Familie. [36] Luigi Moretti of the University of Rome was the chief architect, and Milton Fischer of the D.C.-based firm of Corning, Moore, Elmore and Fischer the associate architect. Euro Capital also said it would seek a hotel management company to continue to operate the Watergate Hotel as an independent hotel. ", U.S. National Register of Historic Places, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Protestants and Other Americans United for Separation of Church and State, President Richard M. Nixon's re-election campaign. [26], In 2004, Washington Post writer John Kelly argued that the name was most directly linked to the "Water Steps" or "Water Gate," a set of ceremonial stairs west of the Lincoln Memorial that led down to the Potomac. [107] Although the Watergate was considered one of the most glamorous residences in the city, as early as 1970 residents and businesses complained of substandard construction, including a leaking roof and poor plumbing and wiring. Additional crimes were also uncovered. [42] For a few years in the late 1990s and early 2000s (decade), the Watergate Hotel was operated by the Swissôtel hotel group. The first was the proposed Inner Loop Expressway, a curving freeway expected to be built just in front of the Watergate within the next decade. [160] But the renovation never occurred, and the building sat empty—consuming $100,000 to $150,000 a month in security, heating, electricity, water, and other costs. [23], In his 2018 book The Watergate: Inside America’s Most Infamous Address, author Joseph Rodota gave three accounts of the origin of the name, based on sources inside the development team: Author and playwright Warren Adler, while working as a publicist for the developers, came up with the name; Nicolas Salgo, a New York financier who suggested the original site to Societa Generale Immobiliare, acquired the name from Marjory Hendricks, owner of the Water Gate Inn; and three local executives—Giuseppe Cecchi, an employee of Societa Generale Immobiliare, Nicolas Salgo and Royce Ward—came up with the name, inspired in part by the Water Gate Inn, and recommended it to executives in the Rome office for approval. [174] Trizec put the office building up for sale for $100 million in 2005 and sold it to BentleyForbes Acquisitions LLC, a private firm owned by C. Frederick Wehba and members of the Los Angeles-based Webha family. [167], The office building portion of the building contains 198,000 square feet (18,400 m2). Haldeman (seated). Soon after, Woodward and Bernstein and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigators identified two coconspirators in the burglary: E. Howard Hunt, Jr., a former high-ranking CIA officer only recently appointed to the staff of the White House, and G. Gordon Liddy, a former FBI agent working as a counsel for CREEP. [100] Architectural critics called the detailing "clunky". Watergate 600 (600 New Hampshire Ave NW), office building. [4][17][57] SGI also agreed to add more open space by reducing the size of the Watergate to 1.73 million square feet (161,000 m2) from 1.911 million square feet (177,500 m2) and by reorienting or re-siting some of the buildings. [83] Apartments in the unfinished building, priced from $30,000 to $140,000, began selling in October 1967, an indication of how popular the complex was with District residents. Burglary, arrest, and limited immediate political effect, https://www.britannica.com/event/Watergate-Scandal, United States History - Watergate Scandal, Constitutional Rights Foundation - The Watergate Scandal, Watergate scandal - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up), In 1977, Nixon claimed that "when the president does it, that means it's not illegal.". When the Watergate East opened in 1965, The Washington Post called these areas opulent and evocative of the best in Italian design. Nevertheless, the White House successfully framed Woodward and Bernstein’s reporting as the obsession of a single “liberal” newspaper pursuing a vendetta against the president of the United States. [40] In 1969, the Vatican sold its interest in SGI and no longer was part-owner of the Watergate. [94] On April 22, 1968, SGI agreed to turn its fifth building slightly to the southwest in order to open up the Watergate complex a little more and give the Kennedy Center a bit of open space.

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