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"Todd" is a Wraith with whom the Atlantis Expedition has made contact several times. In 2009, the Punk Wraith's Hive ship was able to locate Earth. Countess world's in the Pegasus Galexy live in constant fear of the Wraith as they always return to cull there 'human' herds. During the battle that followed, he flew a Wraith Dart into combat against Earth's F-302 fighter-interceptors. The Wraith have also developed stunning weapons that paralyze their victims, but they remain awake and aware, thus giving the Wraith the maximum sustenance that a resisting human has to offer. Countless worlds in the Pegasus Galaxy live in constant fear of the Wraith, who return periodically to cull their human herds. Inhaltsverzeichnis. Synopsis. The draining is accomplished by slamming the hand onto a human being, typically on the chest over the heart. 6.1 Wraith-Königinnen; 7 Medien; 8 Realer Hintergrund; 9 Probleme und Fehler; 10 Episoden. Wraith drain life-force through a specialised organ located in the palm of their right hand. The war lasted over a century and cost untold trillions of lives, but the technological superiority of the Ancients was useless against the incredibly numerical advantage of their enemies. 1 Beschreibung; 2 Nahrungsvorgang; 3 Technologie; 4 Lebensweise; 5 Sprache; 6 Bekannte Wraith. They are a race that harvests the life forces of other humanoid species for nourishment though suckers in there right hands. In the early seasons of the show they dominated the Pegasus Galaxy, the show's setting, and were an almost unstoppable and fatal threat. aus Stargate Wiki, dem deutschsprachigen Stargate-Lexikon. The Wraith are a vampicic hive-based species who live in the Pegasus Galaxy. He is distinguished by a starburst-shaped tattoo centered around his left eye. Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche. The Lantean-Wraith War was a conflict that erupted in the Pegasus Galaxy roughly 10,000 years ago between the Lanteans and Wraith for dominance of the entire region. After there fill, the Wraith go into hibernate for a centuries. 10.1 Stargate Kommando SG-1; 10.2 Stargate Atlantis; 11 Weitere Informationen; 12 … In the science fiction television series Stargate Atlantis, the Wraith are the original antagonistic alien species, first introduced in the pilot episode "Rising". Eventually, the hive ship was destroyed by a swarm of drone weapons fired from the Control chair retrieved from the Antarctic outpost. The Punk Wraith was a Wraith from an alternate reality. The Wraith are a vampiric, hive-based species that harvest the'life-force' of other humanoid beings for nourishment through suckers on their palms. He first appeared in 2006, returning in subsequent years. Diverses factions Wraiths, Alliance Wraith de Todd, Expédition Atlantis (quand cela est nécessaire) Anciennes alliances Aucune Première apparition 1x02 - Une nouvelle ère : Les Wraiths sont une espèce extraterrestre fictive de la série télévisée de science-fiction Stargate Atlantis. The Wraith's nails then puncture the victims skin, and the draining organ begins to absorb the victim's life-force. A human can be fed upon multiple times before dying as long as there is a minimum of three hours between the Wraith's "snacks".

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