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In the end we may all be sheepsheads, but no one so much as Reinhold.". "But my father would have said the same thing to Günther if he had come home without me, and gradually he accepted what had happened." One will only say, for instance, 'Got to Camp Three on June 17.' Except that Messner probably wouldn't have waved them on and shouted, "Alles in Ordnung," if Günther had been on the Rupal Face; he would have made sure Kuen and Scholz knew that his brother was above them. The mountains became the brothers' secret kingdom, their escape from their brutal father and the stifling provinciality of the South Tyroleans, their way of transcending "the confines of the valley and our home, into which the lottery of birth had thrown us," as Messner writes in The Naked Mountain. Reinhold Messner pronunțat în germană /ˈʁaɪ̯nhɔlt ˈmɛsnɐ/ (n. 17 septembrie 1944, Brixen, Tirolul de Sud) este un montaniard, alpinist și explorator montan italian din regiunea Tirolul de Sud din Italia.. Messner este adesea considerat drept cel mai mare explorator și cățărător montan al tuturor timpurilor. Ora è in condizioni disperate e la gente dell' Alto Adige ha modo di parlare ancora una volta del destino che perseguita i fratelli Messner. The Field Marshal, as the brothers nicknamed him, tried to separate them and put them on different ropes, but they refused. In 1974, Kuen committed suicide, for reasons not related to Nanga Parbat. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By the time they reconnected, all three children were in their 30s. Messner agreed to meet me in Brussels at the European Parliament, to which he was elected in 1999 as an independent in the Green faction for Italy. Each of us carried his own sleeping bag and tent, and porters carried the rest, until the highest camp, when we were on our own. "If this is a forgery, Max, it's a very good one," I said, and he laughed. He was a few inches shorter and hadn't been able to put in the same hours of practice and training because of his job as a bank clerk. Herrligkoffer had led a second successful ascent of Nanga, by the Diamir Face, but he had failed three times on the Rupal Face. One of the entries recorded that Reinhold, when he finally met up with the rest of the expedition, had frantically shouted to von Kienlin, "Where's Günther?" You go down. And I wouldn't have waited all morning on the Merkl Gap, shouting for the others to come up and help me get Günther down. Elated by their triumph, and befuddled by the thin air, they lost track of the time and stayed too long on top. Gnther è ancora lassù, sepolto sotto chissà quanti metri di neve e di ghiaccio. "Reinhold and I have a strong friendship that survived divorce," she explained. Reinhold was delirious and badly frostbitten; he would end up losing all or part of seven of his toes. "Reinhold never made a move until he had studied the weather conditions," says Doug Scott, one of the top Himalayan climbers of Messner's era, "and when everything was right, he went for it and pulled it off because of his phenomenal fitness.". But he must have been a lovely man and merits a better reputation.". Deserts are his new arena of adventure, since he has climbed practically everything. Siegfried invece ha sbattuto con la testa contro la roccia e si è fratturato il cranio. She and Messner married in 1972, and she got the house when they divorced, five years later. We also found one of his boots. It was the first time he wasn't obedient. The charge was gravely serious: the worst thing a climber can do is to abandon his partner. Februar 1988 durch Toni Kiem ersetzt When I visited, his flat was cozily cluttered with antiques and old paintings, including a few minor Old Masters; most of them were from the Schloss. He was also alone. This happens in the "death zone," above around 23,000 feet. And that's exactly what they are. In May 1970, the expedition's 22 climbers and their teams of high-altitude porters began working their way up the Rupal Face, setting up tent camps along the way. He started magnanimously, saying, "It is time for me to bury the hatchet with Herrligkoffer. So von Kienlin will keep up his attack. The freshest-and most essential-updates from Washington, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley. A decades-old mountaineering scandal has bubbled back up to the surface: did climbing legend Reinhold Messner—who made his name by being the first to climb all 14 of the world's highest mountains—leave his brother Günther to die on Nanga Parbat, in Pakistan, in May 1970? In 1953, Willy Merkl's much younger half-brother, Karl Maria Herrligkoffer, led another German expedition to Nanga Parbat. So I found it surprising that the diary pages wouldn't be close at hand, especially when they were the only substantiation for his claims about what he had been told by Messner. "Everything he said is burned in my mind. When he read in the paper that Herrligkoffer was leading an expedition up the Rupal Face, he arranged to come along as a paying guest. As Reinhold's fame grew, Messner père basked in the reflected glory. After that, von Kienlin said, "I wrote on loose sheets, even napkins." Nanga is in the Himalayas, in Pakistan, near the Kashmir border. And she started to cry herself, just thinking about it. One evening Messner and the baron went to a beer hall in Munich to hear Herrligkoffer lecture on the expedition. To understand what this was really all about, Messner explained, I had to go back to the Nanga Parbat expedition that the German Alpine Club sponsored in 1934. "Only one person knows what happened on Nanga Parbat, and that is me," Messner told me. E hanno continuato a farlo, con una perseveranza e un' audacia che è apparsa e appare ai più come una sfida insensata. He expected unquestioning obedience from his climbers and had a Wagnerian obsession with conquering Nanga Parbat, "with its bright golden adventures, its manly struggles and austere mortal dangers," as Merkl wrote. He has a castle, a vineyard, and several small farms in South Tyrol. Eccellente rocciatore, aveva preferito non avventurarsi troppo oltre i confini delle due Dolomiti. In December 2003, Messner took me to his stunningly sited castle, in Juval, South Tyrol, on a knoll guarding the head of the Schnalstal Valley, which was one of the main routes north through this part of the Alps for a bunch of armies, from Charlemagne's to Napoleon's. "It is just a conglomeration of loose notes.… They are like a puzzle, just little notes to jog my memory. But it is possible he doesn't know himself what happened. According to Messner, Gerhard Baur and another surviving member of the expedition, Jürgen Winkler, who had come to the book party, jumped to their feet and said, "This is an outrage." Stava scalando con Reinhold il Nanga Parbat, quando una valanga li travolse. Che cosa Reinhold stia facendo ora in Tibet non lo sa nessuno: lui preferisce non anticipare mai i suoi progetti. He got up and started pacing and declaiming and expostulating, and kept it up for eight hours without a break. He received death threats and letters containing feces. All eight porters are speechless and look at me. "After the museum, there will be a new challenge," he assured me. But even this discovery has not closed the book on this bizarre and sad saga—at least as far as von Kienlin is concerned. Four days later, Reinhold appeared on the other side of the mountain, at the foot of the western, Diamir Face, which is encrusted with hanging glaciers and seracs (precariously poised blocks of ice) that are forever breaking off and causing avalanches. Two years later, Messner soloed Everest—at 29,035 feet the world's highest peak—again without an oxygen mask. Norbert Ihms aus Wiesenburg/Mark (Brandenburg) Norbert Ihms früher aus Wiesenburg/Mark in Brandenburg bzw. And we couldn't wait for the others to come, because they couldn't have gotten to us until the following morning, and another day and night at that altitude would have been fatal for Günther. Perhaps their disagreement was not so surprising: we are all the heroes of our own novels, after all. The two brothers had crossed Greenland together the long way, from north to south, and now the five of them were trying a new line up the Diamir Face, but they bailed out high up on it because of the avalanche danger and spent several days looking for traces of Günther further down. So Messner sued von Kienlin and Saler and their publishers. In 1977 she left Messner and went to Munich. E' difficile dire se la notizia abbia già raggiunto Reinhold: il celebre alpinista è infatti di nuovo nel Tibet, dove sta preparando un' ennesima spedizione, destinata a portarlo alla conquista degli ultimi "ottomila" che mancano al suo carnet. Ed Douglas, a journalist-climber who is the former editor of The Alpine Journal, told me, "I don't think anyone seriously says he killed his brother. But the southern, Rupal Face was still unclimbed. Messner has a yak farm near the glacier that is now the site of an "ice museum," where people can experience the world of glaciers. Johann was born on May 17 1880, in … And yet, despite my misgivings, I liked von Kienlin—as indeed I liked Messner and Demeter. It cost von Kienlin 14,000 marks (about $17,500 in today's currency), and he stayed at Base Camp while the climbers made the ascent. Reinhold, quella volta, riuscì a tornare al campo-base dopo una marcia solitaria durata due giorni e una notte. Eisendle found a human femur a kilometer and a half below where Messner had last seen him, but it was very long—longer than Reinhold's femur, and Günther was several inches shorter than his brother—so Hubert said it couldn't be Günther's. Now in his early 60s, Messner has a thick, wavy head of hair that is starting to turn gray. When, midway up the face, they got word that the Field Marshal was thinking of aborting the assault because he was having doubts about its success, they told Gerhard Baur and von Kienlin that they would stay and do it themselves—and maybe even go down the Diamir Face. I have told the people of Ser where to look in the summer, when the snow is gone, and have offered a reward for whoever finds anything," he told me. It was known for its anti-Semitism and in the 30s became associated with National Socialist ideology. Because the hero of the Rupal Face was not him, but me." The Nazis wanted all Germans to be comrades, and mountain climbing, which forges Kameradschaft (camaraderie), was the perfect model. Von Kienlin had refused to submit to the court the original document, which he said he'd written in pencil on Pakistan Airlines stationery in Rawalpindi a few days after Messner's surprise reappearance. I criticize the porter, and he stops. to leave others if it is a question of your own survival. He didn't trust his footing. folgende Schulen besucht: von 1962 bis 1972 POS Wiesenburg zeitgleich mit Harry Letz und weiteren Schülern und von 1985 bis 1987 Hochschule der Deutschen Volkspolizei zeitgleich mit Siegfried Messner und weiteren Schülern. "He had to get lower," Messner went on. Memories become fixed along certain lines. "But there was no plan to do the traverse," Messner assured me. A metà parete il temporale che incombeva si è scatenato e la cordata è stata costretta a far marcia indietro. "Finally, very late at night, he fell into our tent and he couldn't eat and he just cried and cried for hours, and that's the reason why I do know he's not a liar. Scholz fell to his death on Mont Blanc a year after the expedition. And Max said, 'If Günther is found on the Diamir Face, we are sheepsheads and liars.' But in 1970, Messner was 26 years old and still unknown outside the small community of European extreme rock climbers. Von 1990 bis 1994 war Messner Präsident der Bezirksgemeinschaft Eisacktal. Also on the expedition were Reinhard Patscheider, Reinhard Schiestl and Swami Prem Darshano, who did not reach the summit. He took me to Villnöss, the valley in the nearby Dolomites where he grew up. There could be no hesitation, no uncertainty in his movements. Messner took the bone home and kept it in his castle and didn't think much about it until the fall of 2003, when he went back to Ser, and the villagers showed him photographs of the Pakistani climber's body, which they had since found there with both femurs intact. His father's people have lived in Villnöss for generations, and half the people in the valley are called Messner. A few days later, von Kienlin says, Baur contacted him and asked him to defend the group against Messner's claim of being bad comrades. Messner has written and spoken about what happened on Nanga Parbat in 1970 again and again (sometimes contradicting himself in minor details). The fastest ascent until then had taken three days; three previous expeditions had met with disaster and death. That year, in a mountain hut, Messner met a pixie-like Austrian woman 18 years his junior named Sabine Stehle, and they have been together ever since. He paid for it with his life, but it was a triumph. "We couldn't continue along the southwest ridge either, because it is very long and up and down. Everyone wants to take him down because he is so astonishingly arrogant.". This was not a new accusation. In the fall of 1971, Messner took Demeter to Nanga Parbat, and they went to the Diamir side to see if they could find any trace of Günther. Ad Choices. Once, Reinhold found Günther cowering in the dog kennel, unable to get up because he had been whipped so badly. That left only the Diamir Face." "German mountaineering is fraught with tensions," Douglas added. In 2002 he revisited the subject in his book The Naked Mountain. The controversy, it seemed, would never be resolved until Günther's body was found—which it finally was, in July 2005. Later that month, he said, he and 24 members of his family, including his five surviving brothers, his sister, and some of their spouses and children, would make a pilgrimage to Nanga Parbat in memory of Günther. "I wrote the book for the sake of my living comrades and the children and grandchildren of my dead comrades," von Kienlin told me. Everyone likes to bash the icon, so I would take all this with a pinch of salt.". But von Kienlin didn't want me to see the loose sheets. Van Kienlin claimed this had nothing to do with it; the marriage was already over. No, 46 kilometers. Sette anni fa Reinhold aveva fondato una scuola di alpinismo in Alto Adige, dove affluiscono patiti della montagna da ogni parte del mondo, e specialmente dalla Germania. And I had once been in a situation very similar to that of the Messners, in which we had no alternative but to go down a different face of a mountain in Switzerland, To me, Reinhold's account of what happened on Nanga made perfect sense. When Reinhold returned to South Tyrol from his triumph on the Rupal Face, some local politicians had gathered a crowd to give him a hero's welcome. He said nothing about the controversy for years, but in 2000 he agreed to help his comrades, he says, after being approached by Baur and Winkler. Max von Kienlin lives on Kaulbachstrasse, in a nice but not fancy part of Munich. There is no room for them.". What other choice did we have? Maybe we should all undergo a little oxygen deprivation. Demeter went on to marry a textile designer named Peter Seipelt, and they were helping Reinhold put together his mountain museum. But his strongest climber, Hermann Buhl, was a soloist and soon found himself at odds with the cold, aloof expedition leader. Herrligkoffer, who always made the climbers sign the rights to their stories over to him in his expedition contracts, would sue Messner for the very same reasons in 1970. In the expedition's aftermath, when Herrligkoffer started to attack Messner, von Kienlin was Messner's biggest defender. The breakup with Demeter was like an emotional evisceration for Messner—the most traumatic event in his life after Günther's disappearance. In 1980, Messner and Demeter got back together, but it didn't work. After one of them said, "What a victory this is for South Tyrol!," Messner took the microphone and said, "I want to correct something: I didn't do it for South Tyrol, I didn't do it for Germany, I didn't do it for Austria. He told his brother that he didn't think he could make it back down the Rupal Face. We couldn't go back up to the summit, because Günther wouldn't have made it." He met his wife, Annemarie, in a café in Baden-Baden; she had waited on him then and had since taken to the role of the modest, adoring wife of a nobleman. Coming home without Günther was the most difficult moment in Reinhold's life. Messner was undoubtedly affected by what World War II did to his father. Using a new route on the northwest face, he reached the summit with Kammerlander on 24 April. It was Günther, who was supposed to be stringing fixed ropes in the couloir to ease Reinhold's descent. "Sabine has been the most important woman in my life," he told me. Nobody helped us up there. Una buona norma alpinistica dice di non avventurarsi mai in roccia quando ci sono temporali in giro. (Von Kienlin is not actually a baron, but his lineage is impressive.) The special page had been reproduced on the back endpapers of the first edition of the book but was gone from the second. Von Kienlin's book includes 80 pages of his diary entries. It was the holy grail of German mountaineering. Alex Shoumatoff was a fanatical rock climber in his youth, having scaled mountains in the Swiss Alps and Grand Teton by the age of 16. But there was a sheer cliff between them, making it impossible to reach the Messners. "Nature is the only ruler. It took Messner a year to recover his equilibrium, which he did in the most dramatic fashion—by climbing Everest maskless with Peter Habeler. "), One entry in the diary shows a different side of von Kienlin from the endearing ham that I was seeing, one that was capable of self-righteous maleficence. It was first made by the leader of the expedition, Karl Maria Herrligkoffer, who was attacked upon his return for not going to look for the Messners on the Diamir side. "It's very Wagnerian. Von Kienlin claimed that Günther had gone down the Rupal Face alone the afternoon before, and that Messner was shouting down to him. The bodies that could be recovered were brought down wrapped in flags with swastikas, and from then on Nanga became synonymous with the idea of Kameradschaft. Picking a way up thousands of feet of sheer rock is like designing a large, complicated building, and Messner's lines were elegant and innovative. But if this had been so, wouldn't Kuen and Scholz have found Günther farther up the Rupal Face, after Messner waved them on? "There is still no final answer from the court in Hamburg," he told me, referring to von Kienlin's appeal of the 2003 ruling which required him to delete the special page and other contested passages from his book. With more than 600,000 members, the German Alpine Club is the largest organization of its kind in the world and a bastion of conservatism and "good German values." Günther had come up from Camp Five too fast and was completely spent. But when Messner and von Kienlin's wife started their affair, in 1971, the baron felt understandably betrayed. aus Berlin hat u.a. Now he longed for an opportunity to tackle the big boys: the 14 eight-thousanders in Central Asia—in the Himalayan, Karakoram, Hindu Kush, and Pamir ranges. ", "Where are these loose sheets?," I pressed, and von Kienlin said, "They aren't here. In 1985, Messner topped out on Annapurna. Fifteen thousand feet of mostly exposed rock from top to bottom, it is the highest vertical wall on earth. When the returning expedition met Messner by accident five days later, "they were all of course happy to find me still alive," he told me, "but Kuen was happy and he was also unhappy. Most of his old climbing companions are either dead or eking out a living by guiding, or repairing roofs. So how can he be sure about anything that transpired up there after all these years? (His term ended in 2004.) But Messner disagrees: "Günther and I always shared the work. As someone who has encountered sudden trouble during a climb, I found logical problems with von Kienlin's theories about what happened on Nanga Parbat. Young Reinhold began to think that blind obedience, the Führer principle, was the tragic flaw of German culture—a conviction that was reinforced when he learned about the Holocaust. I've just heard that the bone is Günther's, with a margin of error of 1 in 575,000." Not having to bang in pitons (thin metal wedges to secure protective ropes), or rappel back down each pitch to pick them up, saved him a lot of time and energy. The brothers reached the summit late in the afternoon and shook hands, as they always did. They were in big trouble. But this is absolutely ugly and not a good example for young people. Reinhold spent a night and a day looking frantically for his brother, in case Günther had survived. He wore his shirt open, with a clutch of Tibetan good-luck beads at his throat. After von Kienlin's book came out, another member of the expedition, Gerhard Baur, came forth and said that Messner had also told him he was planning to do the traverse. In conformity with the German stereotype, von Kienlin was meticulously organized. He's crazy," a local barfly would say, and Joseph would tell him, "You wait and see."

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