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61,75 € plus shipping fees. Dieses Werk auf Papier steht zum Verkauf. Naturally all framings are Made in Germany. Individually framed, the picture »»Spielende Kinder im Park«« really comes into its own! popular formats free formats : 35 x 25 cm : 55 x 40 cm : 90 x 65 cm : 95 x 70 cm : 115 x 85 cm: Image section selectable (enter width + height) Width . Additional Information: This original etching and drypoint …, Limited-Edition Prints by Leading Artists, Original Hand Signed and Numbered Etching and Drypoint on Wove Paper, The Flower Terrace, Wannsee Garden to the North-West, 1917, Die Blumenterrasse im Garten des Künstlers am Wannsee nach Nordwesten, Frühjahr 1927, Allee mit Frauenfigur und Kind (Parkway with Female Figure and Child), 1896, Spaziergänger im Berliner Tiergarten, ca. Printed in latex printig technology on high-quality fleece material in cm-exact sizes ensure perfectly styled walls in your home. , 1895-1900, Three Standing Nudes | Trois nu debout, 1906, The Balcony (Drawing for Plate I, Planches de Salut), 1930, Standing Woman and Sewing Girl | Stehende Frau und nähendes Mädchen, ca. Rounded edges and a hidden mounting on the back complete the product. Thanks to the floating suspension, you can create a modern ambience in every home. This creates noble pictures in a high-quality appearance. These systems are characterized by an extremely high resolution and thanks to the 12-color ink system also by an enormously large color space and finest color gradations. 1920, Figure and Stars III | Personatge I Estels III, 1979, Untitled, from: Bibliography of Works by René Char 1928-1963 | Bibliographie des oeuvres de René Char de 1928 à 1963 , 1964, Der Briggel: Unter dem Rebstock (Briggel: Under the Vine), 1923. / 3.5 x 14.1 in. 1908/09, Sleeping – Double Portrait Martha Liebermann | Schlafende – Zwei studien von Martha Libermann, ca. Max Liebermann Badende Kinder im Meer Circa 1898 Watercolour over pencil on wove paper 29.8 x 36.6 cm Framed under glass. Aluminum composite panels consist of a sandwich construction of aluminum sheets (outside) and PVC material (inside). Martha Liebermann wuchs unter anderem in der Französischen Straße auf, bis ihr Vater 1870 starb. Max Liebermann Glass Print. und datiert '82. Canvas on stretcher. Am 14. Pictures from Max Liebermann you can also buy framed. Liebermann was fascinated with the mundanity and unassuming nature of rural life in Holland, and spent many years trying to capture its essence in his paintings. Available for sale from Gilden's Art Gallery, Max Liebermann, Playing Child | Spielendes Kind (1921), Original Hand Signed and Numbered Etching and Drypoi… Please note that under the product Art Print you can also order this motif printed on canvas without stretcher frame. Max Liebermann, Spielende Kinder im Park. 2 Tobias Natter, Julias H. Schoeps (Hg. Zunächst heiratete Martha Liebermanns ältere Schwester Elsbeth den älteren Bruder von Max Liebermann Georg. Joseph Liebermann war einer von ihnen. Our wallpapers make it possible. ), »Max Liebermann und die französischen Impressionisten«, Köln 1997, S. … Max Liebermann Berlijn 1847-1935 1847-1935. Max Liebermann in 1904 Max Liebermann (20 July 1847 – 8 February 1935) was a German painter and printmaker of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry, and one of the leading proponents of … - Lightly browned. The son of a Jewish fabric manufacturer turned banker from Berlin, Liebermann grew up in an imposing town house alongside the … Art Print. According to Margreet Nouwan the present watercolour originated at the Dutch North Sea coast, presumably on the beach of Scheveningen, in the late 1890s. Degas, Berlin: Cassirer, 1899, S. 11. Bitte lasse dieses Feld leer. In addition to a variety of wood and aluminum moldings we also offer passe-partouts and various surface protection options. Das Max Liebermann Haus wurde 1943 bei einem Bombenangriff zerstört. Our canvas prints of the motif »Spielende Kinder im Park« are printed on high-quality canvas using high-end digital printers (Canon iPF 9400). 1 Max Liebermann. 1925, Spiel im Garten – Maria, die Enkelin des Künstlers mit ihrer Kinderfrau und dem Dackel ihrer Großeltern im Wannseegarten, ca. Liebermann’s early devotion to painting the everyday is exemplified by his first exhibited painting Women Plucking Geese (1872), which earned him the moniker the “disciple of the ugly” due to its stark contrast to the romanticized work that was popular in Germany at the time. Nach dem Tod von Martha Liebermanns Vater im Jahr 1870 wurde Louis Liebermann, der Vater von Max Liebermann, Vormund für die Marckwald-Kinder. ca. Liebermann's own modernist works were also strongly influenced by Dutch painters Anton Mauve and Jozef Israëls. Alu composite direct print. Christie's Images Ltd, London, Vereinigtes Königreich. on color laser printers or in offset or screen printing. Technique: Original Hand Signed and Numbered Etching and Drypoint on Wove Paper. Nach dem Fall der Mauer und der wiedergewonnenen Einheit Deutschlands wurde es in der Form, wie wir es heute kennen, im Sinne einer „kritischen Rekonstruktion“ durch Josef Paul Kleihues in Anlehnung an das historische Vorbild wieder aufgebaut. Liebermann studied modern painting technique in France and the Netherlands, encountering both French impressionism and the work of The Hague School. »Spielende Kinder im Park« from artist Liebermann as space-filling art! Zehn Kinder werden er und seine Frau Marianne haben. A pioneering painter of common life, Max Liebermann is considered the foremost German impressionist and one of the most important figures of modern art. The artist brought the concepts and techniques of impressionism to Germany, and his paintings on a wide range of subjects both commonplace and bourgeois occupy a lasting place in the artistic canon. 1920, Badende an der Nordseeküste, ca. We produce Liebermann art prints, often referred to as posters, as art reproductions on high quality papers using digital printing technology. The picture »Spielende Kinder im Park« is printed with an UV printing process.

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