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This will cause them to return into their normal state, followed by a regular two (2) second fatigue. Okay, so, apparently I'm a fortune teller. Trivia: The twins are capable of climbing up multiple stories and detaching themselves at will. After hitting survivors with Surprise, the twins are forced back into the normal stance and suffer the same two (2) second penalty. I'm very happy you liked it and even took the time to read all that. Here's everything we know about the games next killer, dubbed 'The Twins'. For each successful hit on a survivor, you gain a token, up to a maximum of five (5) tokens. The king was soon accused by the townsfolk of having the witch in his castle. A concept like this would definitely be cool to see in-game! He was quickly subdued and killed savagely, left to die among the same people who he felt were beneath him. Soon, they found the king, who drew a knife and attempted to defend himself. While Helga and Hella are attached to a surface and within 12 meters of survivors, they lock onto a victim and charge up a two-second lunge, leaping to the targeted survivor immediately, injuring them, and applying the broken status effect. What a guess. If survivors go off alone after being within 8 meters of another survivor, they will be under the effects of Hex: Alone once again after 10/8/6 seconds. Survivors may still line of sight this ability and if failed, the twins will receive a three (3) second fatigue penalty. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Welp I think someone hit the nail in the head with this one. Hearing the revolt, Helga, Hella and their mother fled the castle, moving into the woods. One by one, the townsfolk began to vanish as well, leaving behind only the makeshift weapons which they used to torture and hurt the poor innocent twins. The twins will begin to gnaw on various parts of the survivor, putting them into the injured state after five (5) seconds and into the dying state after seven (7) seconds if already in the injured state. Unfortunately, they were met with surprises that would deem such impossible, so they’d like to return the favor. Regardless of survivors crouching, walking, running, repairing or cleansing, the twins can leap onto survivors' backs suddenly as long as they are behind the survivor and relatively close. Thank you and hope you enjoy! I am in shock that this is happening. Their mother was soon speared by the townsfolk, killed in a matter of seconds. They were hoisted up roughly and tied to the base of a stake, where they pleaded their last pleas, but soon, their cries were drowned out by the sound of their screams, as the flames emerged and burned their flesh. “We felt alone for years! The fire would crackle from time to time and break off from its twin flames, revealing short glimpses of Helga and Hella’s faces, now rotten and disfigured. As a king prayed for a son to be born, one who would be capable of carrying out a strong legacy, his queen gave birth to a monstrosity to the insensible eye. Who knew that the rumours would become so modern after all these years? Thank you so much. : The twins dreamed of always being bigger in the future. More importantly, though, I did this concept and happened to lookup DBD Killer Concepts afterwards to see how people formatted theirs and realized someone did a Twin killer concept also! This means that, if you play as them, you can control both Charlotte (the lady with the sickle) and Victor (the fetus she extracts out of her body at will, for who amongst us doesn’t). If other survivors are nearby, the twins and leap off of their current victim and onto another survivor. Regardless of survivors crouching, walking, running, repairing or cleansing, the twins can leap onto survivors' backs suddenly as long as they are behind the survivor and relatively close. Mother’s Love: Despite the arguments between the sisters, their mother never truly felt she had a favorite. Nobody stayed past the evening, for the light skipping and giggling, which was popular among the twins, could still be heard, eventually leaving with the slow creak of the castle door closing, as morning reappeared and the night vanished. My mind works very fast and I am terrible at proofreading, haha. When survivors are alone for more than 60/45/30 seconds, the mist will thicken to its full extent. For each token, totem cleansing is reduced by 5 %. New map update to ormond and autohaven! Now rebellious, the twins one night snuck out of the castle, wanting to explore the world that they believed was calling to them. If two or more survivors are within 8 meters of each other, they will not be affected by Hex: Alone. The king forbade the two girls from ever leaving the castle, as rumours of their appearance slipped away from his tall and seemingly indestructible walls. The twins may switch into Lethal Creep while on the floor, presenting no terror radius, but are also unable to attack unless they switch out of Lethal Creep mode. Haha, I mean, I found the whole process of making a killer concept pretty fun so who knows, hehe. Rumours around the town became increasingly more aggressive, exclaiming that a two headed witch would chant her spells all throughout the night, poisoning the townsfolk with sickness and terror. For each survivor that has been unhooked and is currently not hooked, healing and mending speed is decreased by 3/4/5 %. Please leave any feelings/suggestions if you wish! If the abilities are anything similar for that horrid goblin baby I will probably just leave the planet. Come check out new the twins with gameplay in dbd. I’m somewhat newer to Reddit so I’m not too sure what the awards mean, but it definitely made my day!! They will also receive a three (3) second penalty after the hit has been completed. Unknowingly to the king himself, Helga and Hella would hear this, as they strode across the castle corridors every night, their anger and feelings of being unvalued growing as they watched each other age. The king pleaded with his people that these stories were untrue, but to his surprise, the castle’s chef confirmed the town’s suspicions. How does it feel to be on the other side?” - Helga & Hella. I did this for fun and thought it would be neat to see what people thought of this! If the twins attack the survivor for another two (2) seconds after putting them into the injured state, they will inflict the Deep Wounds status effect. Examples of this are the Thompson home or some of the main MacMillian Estate buildings. Their hands and feet were bashed in by hammers and other blunt tools, allowing them no chance to escape. If a survivor sprints for 6 seconds, they will shake the twins off. If you stopped this killer from happening I hate you, I can't tell you how awesome it is to hear something like that-!! Eventually, darkness began to fill the air, but it was not of the night sky or the smog from the fire. :), You just predicted the next killer this is crazy lol, More posts from the deadbydaylight community. They skipped through the town at night, singing the songs that their mother would perform for them before they drifted to sleep. Thank you everyone, haha. “Shut up, Helga-! In a very DBD fashion, the team shared a short clip to Twitter and follows this up with a full reveal in the form of an animated teaser trailer. This ability has a thirty (30) second cooldown. Their mother, who seemed to be the only person in the world that truly loved the pair of twins, would plead with her husband to allow the girls to experience the world. This can be done multiple times with no cooldown, forcing survivors to split away from each other or suffer the consequences. The flames vanished without a trace and none of the townsfolk could see the twins or the stake which they were recently conjoined with. The Killers are Characters in Dead by Daylight . Nationality or Ethnicity: Scandinavian/Nordic. Feedback is welcome as well! If Helga and Hella use Surprise from a second story surface, they can attack a survivor within a 32-meter range. Falling from a great height will count for three (3) seconds. The Twins are going to be the weakest killer DBD had to date and are going to be the most uphill killer experience since pre toolbox / balanced landing nerfs 22 comments 40% Upvoted Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up If survivors are unable to do so, they will be met with a loud screech. As the twins reached their young adult years, they began to crave the feeling of companionship, whether it was romantic or platonic. Soon, the girls found that each night was the same, quiet and alone, causing them to continue their nightly charades, hoping to see someone new. Survivors can attempt to counter this attack by listening for the twin’s soft giggling and line of sighting them. Survivors can shake the twins off by sprinting and vaulting over objects. Quickly switch into Lethal Creep mode, allowing you to leap onto surfaces such as walls, tree bark and rocks, allowing you to scale them stealthily. Finally, the people were face to faces with their monster. For each survivor hooked, the repair speed on all generators is decreased by 3/4/5 %. New killer called "The Twins". PS: I also did not add some other information such as a full description of their appearance because I didn't want to go too hard on something that might be awful anywho. Eventually, they were dragged back to the mob, only to be tortured once again. Switching on and off surfaces while in Lethal Creep mode has a one (1) second penalty. We will be … This has no cooldown besides the basic return to her normal stance. The giggling will instead turn into a loud screech and the charge up will be three (3) seconds instead of two (2). The twins attempted to drag themselves as far as they could, crawling along the familiar grounds of their once adored, forest playground. The townsfolk broke down the doors and began to slaughter each and every person who worked and lived in the castle. The king’s greatest fear came alive and his people turned on him just as quickly as he turned on his two daughters. Finally, they were dragged back into their town, but not before every branch slashed at their skin, while the dirt and mud began to cover them as well. He would wail atop their castle balcony, cursing the Gods for what he saw as a cruel joke. They beat the twins, throwing them across the forest floor roughly. Unfortunately, she never successfully changed his mind. Press J to jump to the feed. “Their laughs were the same, but the anger they both possessed were raged from different realms.”. Also, I apologize for any typos/confusion. EDIT: Thank you very much for the Rocket Like-! The years went on and the town became abandoned. People would visit, but would never stay at night. Special Attack: Surprise! Thank you, everyone-! Eventually, the twins grew to be confident and independent, refusing to take orders from their father any longer. Hi everyone-! This is pretty awesome. Mother obviously loves me more!” - Hella. While on the floor, switching back to the normal stances presents a two (2) second fatigue penalty. If the twins are forced off, they are fatigued for three seconds and are forced back into their normal stance. This makes me wonder if devs ever look at this, and then I wonder if them seeing this makes them not make a character similar to what’s being described. The twin’s shame was revealed to the entire town, their clothes ripped off right before they were spat on. When surprising the survivor, the twins will grab their arms and legs … Lethal Creep: Empowered by their once broken limbs, Helga and Hella wish to now utilize them to their greatest potential, now wishing to crawl not away, but towards their prey. Well, a killer and a half to be exact. If a basic attack is missed, one (1) token will be removed and if stunned, three (3) tokens will be removed. Special Ability: Attached While in Lethal Creep mode, Helga and Hella can crawl up towards survivors from behind. The twins looked around the entire town, but not one person would be in sight during the night, so they continued to skip along the roads that were theirs, passing people’s homes all throughout the night, giggling to themselves and continuing to carol. 1 Overview 2 List of Killers 3 List … While active, the killer's red stain is hidden, only able to be seen by survivors 8 meters. Hex: Alone: Helga and Hella may have always had each other, but at times, they’ve felt completely alone, causing them to become madder as each day passed. Little did these two girls know that the people who they hoped to rule one day, were listening much closer than anticipated. /r/deadbydaylight is a subreddit dedicated to Dead by Daylight, an asymmetrical multiplayer action-horror game developed and published by Behaviour Interactive. Helga and Hella are able to utilize their ability to attach to surfaces and progress their skill further, by attacking unaware survivors. Split Personality: Though the twins may share a body, their minds are separate, thinking quite differently than their other half. It was something far more sinister. The Twins are a cooperative pair of killers in Dead by Daylight. The same rumours remained about the town, but this time, just outside of it. When surprising the survivor, the twins will grab their arms and legs around them and cause them to scream as well. Unfortunately, the three women were not fast enough. New killer update to dead by daylight today! They stormed the castle, so many of them that not even the guard’s equipped with weapons could stop them. Conjoined and connected at their chest and the base of their necks, the two girls named Helga and Hella, were ridiculed by their father. While the twins are attached to a surface, they move slower, but present no terror radius, are allowed to see in a small third-person view and can creep along other attached surfaces. While in Lethal Creep mode, Helga and Hella are unable to attack survivors with regular basic attacks and must leap off any surface in order to change back into their normal stance. Instead of a future king, out came two girls who were far closer than the average pair of siblings. For what it’s worth, I loved it. If the attack hits a survivor directly, they will be instantly thrown into the dying state. They were both equally perfect in her eyes. Helga and Hella may also leap off of surfaces they are attached to, towards other surfaces as well, as long as they are nearby/within range, (i.e, lunging off a shack wall and onto a tree bark). So as the title states, this is a killer concept for Dead by Daylight! Trivia: The twins can be detached from a surface if a flashlight is met with their gaze. Vaulting will count for two (2) seconds reducing the need to sprint by three seconds, leaving a possibility of shaking the twins off before being put into the injured state. In no way am I intentionally copying this person nor any other similar concepts and I completely made this character from my own ideas-!

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